ITVC 2007, Abuja. Visitors to Our Stand - Opinions

 1. Avery good and easy way to learn. - Engineer, Abuja

 2. Avery good learning programme for all. - Engineer/Teacher, Ikotun, Lagos

 3. Bringing education to our door step. Keep it up. - Manager, Abuja

 4. It is a wonderful idea, helping Nigerians to be computer literate in the global and computer age. Do keep it up. Interesting. - Consultant

 5. The initiative/venture is highly appreciated. - Technologist, Abuja

 6. This is quite an opportunity which all Nigerians, in fact, all Africans in the developing world should exploit. - Professor, Owerri

 7. Realities are seen manifesting, quite impressive. - Student

 8. This will make Nigerians to be computer literate. - Student

 9. Really good, but want to know more. - Business Manager, Lagos

 10. What a generous gesture. Keep it up. - Teacher, Owo

 11. Highly commendable & more grease to your elbow. - Marketer, Abuja

 12. Satisfied with the explanation and what you do. - Reader, Awka

 13. Good initiative. Should be encouraged. - Consultant

 14. May God reward you for giving computer education free. - Principal, Gombe

 15. This is an opportunity to be utilised by every Nigerian student. - Student, Owerri

16. Very impressed - JAMB, Abuja    

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